UGC Product Video Ad

UGC Product Video Ad

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    UGC Product Video Ad

    UGC Product Video Ad


    After purchase we invite you to specify your video ad requirements with a quick form. The following add-ons are available and are all included in the price.

      Select the format for your video ad. We produce videos in the right format for all social media platforms. The most common options are 1:1, 9:16 and 4:5
      Select the social media platform where your video ad will be displayed. Depending on the platform we will place subtitles and other elements of the video differently.
      Choose the gender, language and age for your creator. You can also tell us with any other special requirements.
      You should consider adding subtitles to your product video ad because people scroll social media often without sound.
      Tell us in the form what the most important features of your product are. These will be highlighted in the video as Call-Outs.
      These special effects are used to make your video ad even more eye-catching. We highlight the product and make it more visible.
      Upload your logo when asked in our form. We will add it to your video ad to increase brand awareness and protect your content.
    • MUSIC
      We will add trendy background music to your video that matches your brand and product.
      Select a call to action to end your video ad. Example: Order now! or Free delivery, or limited time offer.

    Would like to have more information about our video ads or the production process? Please book a call and let's chat.



    How do you select the best creator for my product?

    In your video requirements form after purchase we ask about your preferred creator. If you imagine the perfect creator for your product, what gender and age do you have in mind? Are there any other sepecifcations that are relevant when we select your creator? (e.g. vegan, sporty, etc)

    We care about great video quality. When selecting our video creators, we especially screen for authenticity and the ability to speak in front of the camera. All creators have access to our standard sweetspot workbook with input for great video production.

    We know that values matter. Therefore we assume that you prefer a video creator that aligns with you company's mission and values. For example, for product videos of vegetarian or vegan products, we only engage creators in our network that are vegetarian.

    I have specifics about my product in mind. Where can I communicate these to you?

    Within our requirements form we offer options for open input about your product. Here you can leave us any addional information that is important to you.

    Additionally we ask specific questions about your product highlights. This information is relevant for us to prepare your video script, select your Call-Outs, and define your Call-to-Action.

    What video length do I need?

    Each platform has unique video length requirements.

    How do I know what the creator will talk about in the video?

    Only you know what to mention when talking about your brand and product. Therefore your creator prepares an exact video script before production. Here for each scene they propose a concrete description of the scene and lay out what the they will say how they act.

    Once prepared we send you the script proposal for review. We ask you to approve the script or adjust it in any way.

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