The story behind Sweetspot

Meet the Founders

Anton Plank

Based in Zürich

Anton is a true entrepreneur and strategist. He loves technology and believes it can help us over the wall. He is passionate about building products that people love to use and teams that people love to work in.

Silja Lähdetluoma

Based in Zürich

Silja has been working in Digital Marketing for over ten years with all relevant channels. She is an expert in creating smart strategies and running profitable campaigns..

Manuele Carlini
Creative Director

Based in Las Palmas

Manuele is the creative mind of Sweetspot. He is an expert in UX Design but also a great photographer and brand designer.

Sarah Fütterer

Based in Nürnberg

Sarah builds projects through the customer's eyes.
Validating and optimizing business processes are her strengths. If you book a call with us you might get to know her.

Johannes Neumaier
Based in Zürich

Hanni is the technical mastermind behind Sweetspot. With his vast experience in software development he enables us to ship the most relevant features for our customers and creators.

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