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Often asked by Creators


What are the requirements for me to be unlocked?

In order to unlock you, we need the following information from you:

- Your email address
- a profile picture
- Your address for product delivery
- Your date of birth, gender, and name for your profile
- A brief description of what makes you stand out as a creator
- User-generated content video examples
- A Stripe integration for your payouts Your self-determined prices

What do I need to consider for my video portfolio?

Please pay attention to the following points:

- Do not use watermarks.
- Only upload UGC examples, no vacation videos or similar.
- Your face is visible in the video.
- Your voice can be heard in the videos.

What prices should I charge?

We provide brands with fully finished video ads. Please make sure that script writing and video editing are included in the price.

You are free to set your own prices. Feel free to charge the same prices you were charging before Sweetspot.

If you are a new UGC creator, take a look at other creators and their portfolios on the explore page for inspiration.
On our platform, new creators typically start with around 50,-. Highly professional creators charge around 250,-.

Why isn't my Stripe connection working?

There are several reasons why your Stripe connection may not be working. Here are some possible causes and solutions: Activation of Stripe Account: The most common reason why the integration is not working is that you haven't confirmed your email address yet. Please check your email inbox and confirm the email from Stripe. Two Stripe Accounts: If you have accidentally created two accounts, it's recommended to contact our support team to delete one of your accounts. Incorrect Credentials: Ensure that you have entered the correct credentials for your Stripe account.

I have filled out all the information. Why am I not being approved?

The most common reason for not being approved yet is your video portfolio.
Please pay attention to the following points:

- Do not use watermarks.
- Only upload UGC examples, no vacation videos or similar.
- Your face is visible in the video.
- Your voice can be heard in the videos.

How long does the approval process take?

Typically, the approval process takes a maximum of 24 hours. It may take a bit longer on weekends.

Do I receive a notification when I get approved?

Currently, you won't receive a notification.
If we don't contact you due to reasons preventing approval, you can assume that you will be approved after 24 hours.

I accidentally registered as a brand. What can I do?

Please contact our support at We will delete your brand profile so that you can register as a creator with your email address.


How can I apply for jobs?

As soon as we have activated you, you will find all open job posts from different brands and agencies in the menu under "open jobs".

If a job appeals to you, you can apply for it. Just click on the job post and write the client why you are the perfect UGC creator for this job.

If the client decides to hire you, they will book you directly through your Sweetspot profile.

How much do I earn when I apply for a job post?

You decide yourself what you charge for a video.

When you register at the beginning, you set your own fee.
The customer will book you for this amount.

Do I have to apply for jobs?

You have two options:

Either you create an account and wait until a brand books you directly.
Or you become active yourself and apply for open job posts.

Do I need equipment?

We recommend that you use a ring light and a microphone.
With this equipment, you can bring your UGC videos to the next level of quality.

And of course you need a mobile phone with a very good camera.

Do I need to post videos on my social media?

No, you don't have to post the video on your private account. It is also contractually agreed that you only send the video to the company.


A brand booked me, what now?

This is fantastic news, congratulations!

In your dashboard, you can accept or decline the assignment.
Once you accept the assignment, you get a briefing from the brand. Now you create a script with details of what you d like to say and show in the video.

That you don't have to shoot your video again, the company can adapt the script. For this we only need a feedback loop - yeeei

When you have the approval of the script and your product has arrived, you can start shooting.

How much time do I have to shoot the video?

As soon as the product has arrived and you have the script approval, the clock is ticking. From now on you have 7 days to upload your video.

Do I have to accept every job?

No, of course not. If you can't identify with the brand or simply don't have time, then you can conveniently cancel the job in your dashboard.

In general you have 3 days for the feedback. If the brand doesn't get any feedback from you by then, we will assume that you are inactive as a creator and deactivate your account on Sweetspot to avoid any confusion from customers.

Can I keep the product?

In addition to your payment, you may of course keep the product.
We hope you have fun exploring cool new brands!


What do I need to pay attention to when setting the price?

The client books you to receive a completely finished video at the end, which is a maximum of 30 seconds long.

You take over:
- The script
- The shoot
- The cutting
- The editing

Please keep these points in mind when setting a price.

How do I get paid my fee?

First: you don't have to write invoices, isn't that great?

We work with the credit note procedure. That means you get your money automatically transferred to your account as soon as your order is completed.

How much do I earn at Sweetspot?

It is very important to us that your creative is paid fairly. That's why we leave it up to you to decide how much you want to charge for your video.

In any case, make sure that you also edit the video if the client wants you to (i.e. subtitles, call-to-action, etc.).

Finally, as you build up a portfolio of great UGC ads and glowing reviews from happy customers, you can start to slowly increase your prices - jeeeei!

What about the product taxation?

You currently have two options: Either you keep the product and pay the taxes. Or you send your product back to the customer. We know that this issue is a big pain point for you and we are already working on a solution.

When will I receive my payout?

You will receive your payout automatically after we receive the completed videos from you.
Please note that the transaction may take up to 7 days.

Where can I find my receipts for tax purposes?

You can find your receipts in your assignments under 'Video display'. Your fee will be shown on the receipt once the assignment is completed.

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