Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How much does a video cost?

On average, a video on our platform costs 137 € / CHF, with prices for a video starting as low as 50 € / CHF. It is important to us that our UGC Creators are paid fairly. That's why our creators are allowed to set their own prices.

How can I post a job?

Posting a job on our platform is a breeze.
We just need information about your product and what features you want from your creator - done.

Go ahead and post your first job now.

Post a job

How much does a job post cost?

Zero ;)

href="https://app.sweetspot.video/app/post-job?product=&adVar=3&vType=testimonial&dur=30&plat=insta&form=916">Post a job

Do I get all usage rights?

Yes, yes and yes.
You get all rights to the video. You can use the video on all channels and for an unlimited time. Does that sound good to you?

About the Video production

How long does a video production take?

Once you have released the script and the product has arrived at the creator, your creator has 7 days.

Can I specify what happens in the video?

Yes, you can specify the video and its scenes as much as you like.
After your order, we will send you a form to specify your video requirements. Here you can take a look at the questions in this form in advance:

Click here to take a look at the form

Can I review a script before the video is shot?

Yes, you get a script before the Creator shoots your video. You also have the option to send a finished script to your creator

When the creator writes your script, you see all the details what the creator will do in the video and what the creator would like to say.
You have the possibility to comment and adjust the proposed script according to your needs.

I would like to test my ads. Can I book different video variations?

You are not the only one who wants to test your ads. We have heard you! That's why you can book 3 or 6 additional variants.

The creator sends you 3 or 6 videos with different hooks, which are the first seconds in your video. Perfect for testing!

What if I don't like the video?

First: before the video gets to you, we do a quality check. Does the creator say and do what was agreed in the script? Is the quality of the recording good enough?
If you still don't like the video, we promise to find a solution for you!

About our Creators

How can I select the creator

Check out our platform! You can select our creators and book their service. Click here to take a look

Does the creator return the product?

The creators are very happy to shoot videos for your product. As an additional thank you, the creators get to keep the products.

How do I know which creator wants to work with me?

You can create a job post. All creators who want to work with you will apply to your job post.


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