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Hohes C has carved a niche with its nutrient-rich beverages, emphasizing wellness and vitality.

In 2023, hohes C unveiled their third Immun Challenge. This initiative emphasizes small daily habits to fortify immunity, with the cold season in view. At its heart are the hohes C Super Shots, comprising four dynamic variants: Immun, Antiox, Bauchgefühl, and Energie. Each bottle houses five potent shots, reinforcing the theme of the challenge centered around the impactful number '5'.

From 9th November to 26th November, hohes C's community is invited to immerse in challenges spanning wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Showcased on Instagram and Facebook, these tasks are recreated and celebrated by health enthusiasts, highlighting the power of Super Shots.

Through the Immun Challenge 2023, hohes C reinforces its dedication to holistic health, offering not just beverages but a vision of well-being.

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