Our Pricing Structure

At Sweetspot, we believe in empowering creators and providing our clients with unparalleled flexibility and quality. Our unique pricing model allows creators to set their own prices, ensuring that you have access to a diverse range of talent that fits any budget. Whether you're looking for an affordable option or premium content, our platform is designed to meet your needs while prioritizing creator satisfaction and content quality.

UGC Video Prices

The Average 30s UGC Video Price is 169 EUR
- Including Editing

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Included Platform Services

Booking a creator through our platform means more than just getting a video. You receive a full suite of services designed for a seamless and comprehensive experience.

Here's what the video price includes:

- Always Including Editing

- Briefing and Scripting

- Unlimited Usage Rights

- Chat with Your Creator

- Two Revisions of Your Final Video

- Sweetspot Support Team

To ensure high-quality service and content, we apply a 39 EUR service fee to each order, added at checkout. But, we welcome first-time customers with their first order service-fee-free. Just create an account, and we'll send a discount code to your email as our way of saying thanks and ensuring a smooth start.

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