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SteviaSweet is an innovative Swiss brand that specializes in producing delicious sweets made from the natural sweetener, stevia. Dedicated to promoting healthier alternatives to traditional sugar-laden candies, Stevia Sweet has quickly gained popularity among health-conscious consumers.

SteviaSweet embarked on a unique UGC video ad campaign to spotlight their range of products, particularly their baking mixes, gummy bears and chocolate.

Amidst the sweet allure, they highlighted an all-too-relatable dilemma: "Craving a sweet treat but not the sugar that comes with it?"

With such compelling content, SteviaSweet invites audiences to explore their expansive range of sugar-free delights, ensuring that indulgence doesn’t always come with a sugary price.

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Challenge before Sweetspot

SteviaSweet's journey into the realm of user-generated content (UGC) wasn't always sweet. The brand faced a myriad of challenges that made their marketing efforts less effective and more time-consuming. Sourcing UGC felt like a never-ending battle against a tide of unsuitable applications, while finding quality content creators was like searching for a needle in a haystack. The company yearned for Swiss creators who could truly embody their brand, but this connection seemed just out of reach.

Solution with Sweetspot

Embracing Sweetspot was a game-changer for SteviaSweet. The platform streamlined their UGC procurement process, turning a previously arduous task into a smooth operation. More importantly, these creators were not just talented; they were the right fit — Swiss creators who resonated with SteviaSweet's brand and target audience. SteviaSweets is one of our long-term customers, and we are incredibly grateful for the close collaboration and valuable feedback we receive from Maureen.

"Every time I return, there's something new; it's nice how you keep evolving. The new script is great." - Maureen, SteviaSweet 

Target Audiences and UGC Strategy

SteviaSweet zeroes in on health-conscious individuals, mainly women in German-speaking Switzerland, who crave guilt-free indulgence. UGC forms the core of their marketing, constituting 70% of ad creatives. Success is gauged through sales and click rates, with authentic, engaging UGC as their benchmark. Looking ahead, UGC remains central to their strategy, emphasizing the health benefits of stevia and educating consumers about healthier sweet choices.

Campaign Performance

Since integrating UGCs into their campaigns, SteviaSweet has witnessed a remarkable improvement in performance, with metrics such as engagement and conversion rates skyrocketing. Their success was so significant that within the first three months of 2023, they matched their entire previous year's sales.This growth highlights the effectiveness of UGC as a trustworthy and impactful marketing strategy, especially compared to the more unpredictable and costly influencer marketing methods.

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