Social Media Marketing and the Power of Multivariate Testing

Social Media Marketing and the Power of Multivariate Testing

Are you investing enough in successful online advertising? Digital advertisements will account for more than 66% of the total global advertising spend by 2023 - so if your business isn’t taking advantage of this lucrative opportunity, you are likely leaving money on the table.

Social media marketing is an essential part of business strategy today. With more and more audiences congregating in the digital space, it is vital for brands to present themselves there. 

But merely being visible isn't enough. Maximizing your impact and engagement means paying attention to the ad creatives - intentional, eye-catching visual content that draws people in. 

Using UGC ads as social proof helps build trust and credibility, while continuous production of new content ensures that your audience always has something fresh and exciting. The key to success is understanding which creatives perform best among a particular audience. You can do this by learning from past performance, testing different creative designs and concepts, and adjusting your tactics along the way.

While some videos have gone viral, that does not mean it will happen for all videos or the same company. This is where multivariate testing comes into play.


When creating high-performing social media ads, viewing one video as a finished product and moving on is not going to get you very far. To determine which version resonates better with your audience, it is crucial to test different elements of your video ads - including the concept, the hook, and CTAs.

For instance, you may have created two different versions of a video advertisement, one targeting men and the other targeting women. By testing both versions to determine which performs better, you can make more informed decisions about what content works best when it comes to attracting your target audience.

Or consider testing different calls to action at the end of your video. One version may be geared towards getting people to buy your product, while another encourages viewers to read more on your website or social media channel. By testing various versions, you can determine which performs better and gain a better understanding of your audience.


Multivariate testing is a technique that helps you evaluate the effectiveness of different versions of a social media ad and scale your campaign performance. By testing multiple versions of an ad at the same time, you can determine which version performs the best and use that information to create more successful ads in the future.

Not only will multivariate testing provide valuable insights into what works best for your target audience, but it also gives you the opportunity to be creative when creating social media marketing ads. Instead of relying on the same templates or concepts, you can experiment with a variety of visuals and messages until you find something that resonates with your audience.


Do you want to boost the performance of your social media campaigns? Here are some tips for getting the most out of multivariate testing:

1. Experiment With Your Hook

An essential component for testing is the hook. The first three to five seconds of your video are the most important, so focus on testing different versions to see which one grabs viewers' attention.

Play with different angles and ensure an engaging message resonates with the right audience. Always create three different versions and measure the performance of each one to see which resonates best.

2. Test Out Ads With Several Ad Sets

Once you’ve developed content for testing, it’s time to put them to work! Launch a new campaign with several ad sets and ads in them to identify which wins out with your target audience.

Over time, you’ll begin to see those particular ads perform best for specific audiences. As you identify the winners, you can target your efforts on creating more content for those specific audiences.

3. Optimize Continuously

As you begin to uncover which social media ads and UGC work with your audience, you’ll need to continually update your strategy. Continue producing the type of content that resonates with your particular audience and test them consistently. Audience engagement changes over time, so your strategy must adapt as well to keep up!


Multivariate testing is an essential component for creating successful social media marketing ads. By testing different versions of content, you can discover what works best with your target audience and optimize your content accordingly.

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